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Massachusetts Historical Records

4,362 Massachusetts Historical Records sources

Massachusetts Statewide Historical Records

1790-1931 Massachusetts Naturalizations Massachusetts State Archives

1790-1991 Massachusetts Naturalization Records National Archives at Boston

A Guide to genealogical and historical holdings of Massachusetts libraries Family History Library

A List of Emigrants from England to America, 1682-1692 Ancestry

A List of Emigrants from England to America, 1718-1759 Ancestry

A List of Pensioners in the State of Massachusetts (compiled in 1854) American Ancestors

A biographical dictionary : containing a brief account of the first settlers, and other eminent characters among the magistrateof New England Ancestry

A gazetteer of Massachusetts : containing a general view of the state, with an historical sketch of the principal events Ancestry

A gazetteer of Massachusetts : containing descriptions of all the counties, towns and districts in the commonwealth Ancestry

American Biographical Library(short biographies of Americans from various sources) Ancestry

American Migrations 1765-1799(brief biographies of loyalists) Ancestry

Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, 1774-2005(brief biographies of members) Ancestry

Biographical history of Massachusetts : biographies and autobiographies of the leading men in the state Family History Library

Biographies of Notable Americans, 1904 Ancestry

Bonded Passengers to America (9 vols. In 3)1663-1775 Ancestry

Card index to the Massachusetts Archives Family History Library

Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society Family History Library

Denizations and Naturalizations in the British Colonies in America, 1607-1775 Ancestry

Dictionary of American Family Names Archives

Early Massachusetts Settlement from “A Pictorial History of America” US Gen Web

Emigrants from England to the American Colonies, 1773-1776 Ancestry

English Origins of American Colonists(emigrants to American colonies before Revolutionary War) Ancestry

Genealogy and history of representative citizens of the commonwealth of Massachusetts Ancestry

Germans to America Passenger Data File 1850-1897 Archives

Historical collections: being a general collection of interesting facts, traditions, biographical sketches, anecdotes(of towns in Massachusetts; published 1848) Ancestry

Historical data relating to counties, cities and towns in Massachusetts Ancestry

Historical study of the Jews in Massachusetts (1650-1750) Ancestry

Histories of Towns, Cities, and Counties Massachusetts State Library

Important Men of 1913 Ancestry

Index of surnames in early Massachusetts (from printed sources) Family History Library

Index to Names changed in Massachusetts, 1893-1911 : excerpted from The Civil government of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and officers immediately connected therewith for the political years of 1893-1911 Family History Library

Index to New England naturalization petitions, 1791-1906 Family History Library

Indian Tribes of Massachusetts Access Genealogy

Irish to America Passenger Data File 1846-1851 Archives

Italians to America Passenger Data File 1855-1900 Archives

Japanese-American Internee Records 1942-1946 Archives

Leading Americans of Italian descent in Massachusetts(printed in 1946) Ancestry

Legislators of Massachusetts General Court, 1691-1780 American Ancestors

Library of Congress Photo Collection, 1840-2000 Ancestry

List of Freemen of Massachusetts, 1630-1691 Ancestry

List of persons whose names have been changed in Massachusetts, 1780-1892 Ancestry

Living People Records Archives

Loyalists in the American Revolution: Miscellaneous Records Ancestry

Massachusetts Applications of Freemen, 1630-91 Ancestry

Massachusetts Archives Collection Database 1629-1799 (archives of early records of Massachusetts) Massachusetts State Archives

Massachusetts Naturalization Index, 1906-1966 Family Search

Massachusetts Post Offices 1816 (names of postmasters) US Gen Web

Massachusetts Society of the Cincinnati (former military officers) (includes some brief biographies) American Ancestors

Massachusetts of to-day : a memorial of the state, historical and biographical, issued for the World's Columbian Exposition(printed 1892) Ancestry

Massachusetts, Mason Membership Cards, 1733-1990 Ancestry

Massachusetts, Naturalization Records - Originals, 1906-1929 Ancestry

Massachusetts, Order Sons of Italy in America, Lodge Records, 1922-1985 Ancestry

Massachusetts, Order Sons of Italy in America, Membership Applications, 1925-1955 Ancestry

Massachusetts, Passenger and Crew Lists, 1949-1957 Ancestry

Massachusetts, Petitions and Records of Naturalizations, 1906-1929 Ancestry

Massachusetts, Western Massachusetts, History (Published 1926) FindMyPast

Massachusetts, Who's Who In State Politics 1908 (Published 1908) FindMyPast

Massachusetts, Who's Who In State Politics 1909 (Published 1909) FindMyPast

Massachusetts, Who's Who In State Politics 1912 (Published 1912) FindMyPast

Massachusetts, Who's Who In State Politics 1914 (Published 1914) FindMyPast

Memorial encyclopedia of the state of Massachusetts(biographies; printed 1918) Ancestry

Men of Massachusetts : a collection of portraits of representative men in business and professional life in the commonwealth(printed 1903) Ancestry

Naturalization Index - MA (1907-66) Fold3

Naturalization Index - WWI Soldiers (1918) Fold3

Naturalization index cards, 1790-1926 [Massachusetts] Family History Library

Naturalizations - MA (1906-29) Fold3

Naturalizations in America and the West Indies, 1740-1782 Ancestry

New England History Ancestry

Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s Ancestry

Passport Applications, 1795-1905 Fold3

Periodical Source Index (index to 2.5 million articles in historical and genealogical publications) FindMyPast

Register of the Massachusetts Society of Colonial Dames of America, 1893-1905(includes member lists) Ancestry

Registers of Depositors in the branches of the Freedmen's Savings and Trust Co., 1865-1878 National Archives at Boston

Russians to America Passenger Data File 1834-1897 Archives

Scotch Prisoners Sent to Massachusetts, 1752 (lists of names) Jane Devlin

Scots-Irish: The Scot in North Britain, North Ireland and North America, Vol. 2 Ancestry

Ships from Ireland to Early America, 1623-1850. Vol. II Ancestry

Ships from Scotland to America, 1628-1828 Ancestry

Ships from Scotland to America, 1628-1828. Vol. III Ancestry

Statistics of towns in Massachusetts(printed in 1800s) Ancestry

The American Jewish year book, 5663 : October 2, 1902 to September 21, 1903 Ancestry

The History of Massachusetts: Early Native Americans Through WWII Kindred Trails

The Massachusetts civil list for the colonial and provincial periods, 1630-1774 : being a list of the names and dates of appointment of all the civil officers constituted by authority of the charters, or the local government Family History Library

The Massachusetts tax valuation list of 1771 Family History Library

The New England Historical & Genealogical Register, 1847-2011 Ancestry

The history of Massachusetts.(1600-1775) Ancestry

The history of Massachusetts.(1775-1865) Ancestry

The rich men of Massachusetts(biographical sketches) Ancestry

U.S. House of Representative Private Claims, Vol. 1(people who made claims 1799-1850) Ancestry

U.S. House of Representative Private Claims, Vol. 2(people who made claims 1799-1850) Ancestry

U.S. House of Representative Private Claims, Vol. 3(people who made claims 1799-1850) Ancestry

U.S. Subject Index to Correspondence and Case Files of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, 1903-1959 Ancestry

U.S. and Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s Ancestry

U.S., Appointments of U. S. Postmasters, 1832-1971 Ancestry

U.S., Consular Registration Applications, 1916-1925 Ancestry

U.S., Consular Registration Certificates, 1907 - 1918 Ancestry

U.S., County and Regional Histories and Atlases, 1804-1984 Ancestry

U.S., Jewish Welfare Board, War Correspondence, 1917-1954 Ancestry

U.S., Select Crew Lists and Manifests, 1890-1963 Ancestry

U.S., Union Provost Marshal Files of Two or More Civilians, 1861-1866 Ancestry

US, Register of Civil, Military, and Naval Service, 1863-1959 Ancestry

United States, Index to Passenger Arrivals, Atlantic and Gulf Ports, 1820-1874 Family Search

United States, New England Naturalization Index, 1791-1906 Family Search

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